The project “explanatory videos 2.0“ follows the purpose of connecting the benefits of classic explanatory videos with the core aims of the Austrian school-curriculum. Thus, the main goal of teaching is no longer solely the conveyance of factual knowledge, but rather the initiation of historical-political thinking processes. Thereby, central historical and political didactic principles shall be considered. To answer the research question: “Which characteristics does an explanatory video 2.0 have to possess, in order to be of use for historical learning processes in the competence-oriented teaching of the subject ‘history and political education’ in Austria?” methods of empirical social research are applied.

Involved school partner

Praxismittelschule PHT

Running Time

2022 - 2024

Involved researcher

MMag. Dr. Andrea Brait

Dr. Heike Krösche M.A.

Emanuel Sohm, BA; Student assistant

Devices used

Mobile projector, video camera, microphones, tripod, lighting

Key technologies

Video editing programmes

Used innovation labs