In the STAIR Learning Lab, students from secondary schools 1 and 2 learn how to develop software based on artificial intelligence to control a robot and test its suitability for use. For this purpose, a programming environment, robots and a simulation environment are provided. The question of how to teach the development of artificial intelligence and the quality assurance of its suitability for use in a playful way using robots and an associated simulation environment is examined.

Involved school partner

BG/BRG Sillgasse; Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck

Running Time

2021 – 2023

Involved researcher

Simon Haller-Seeber, Technical management and system coordination

Christopher Kelter, student assistant

Patrick Hofmann, student assistant

Thomas Gatterer, PhD Student

Devices used

The Minibots are used in various configurations. These consist of a Sphero RVR, an Intel Realsense D435 and an Nvidia Jetson Nano Development Board. Optionally, a 4 DoF arm with gripper is mounted.

Key technologies

Software development; Artificial Intelligence (AI); Robotics; Simulation; Internet-of-Things

Used innovation labs

N. N.