School partners

An active network of partner schools is involved in the INNALP Education Hub. In order to represent the school system as broadly as possible, a wide variety of school types have been included in the project. In total, 10 schools with pupils aged 6 to 18 have been involved in the partnership so far. The regional distribution within Tyrol was chosen in such a way that not only schools in the central region are addressed, but also schools in peripheral regions are represented.

Teachers can choose annually from a number of innovation projects that are looking for test partners. They therefore have the opportunity to test different innovation projects with their pupils, to gain insight into the application and effectiveness of the products and to give feedback on the implementation in practice. For the innovation project staff, this feedback is of essential value, because it makes adaptation to the real school context possible. For teachers, this discourse is also important to reflect on their own expertise and the potential of the innovation offers.

Schools and school classes are invited to participate in new innovation projects. The INNALP-Education Hub thus creates an educational offer that will continue to exist beyond the planned project duration

Brief introduction of the institutions

Logo Pädagogische Hochschule Tirol. Auf weißem Hintergrund ist in roter Schrift der Titel der Hochschule angeführt.

Praxisvolksschule PHT
The Praxisvolksschule at the PHT is an inclusive school with a focus on sustainability, an ÖKOLOG and eco-label school and has been awarded the "Healthy School" seal of quality. The individual focal points, such as philosophy, first aid and movement, environment, Montessori, social learning and creativity, are based on the high level of expertise of the teachers.

Logo Pädagogische Hochschule Tirol. Auf weißem Hintergrund ist in roter Schrift der Titel der Hochschule angeführt.

Volksschule Arzl
At the VS Arzl, pedagogical changes and innovations are constantly incorporated into the lessons. The focus is on the learning child in both open and bound lessons. The use of new media is taught from the 1st grade onwards. VS-Arzl has had the Expert-PLUS status from eEducation for five years and the MINT seal of approval for four years. These subject areas are also anchored in the school development plan and are already well established. The promotion of self, subject and social competences are another focus.

Logo Pädagogische Hochschule Tirol. Auf weißem Hintergrund ist in roter Schrift der Titel der Hochschule angeführt.

Praxismittelschule PHT
The PHT's Praxismittelschule is a place of learning for children and young people, as well as a space for research and school development, where theory is combined with practice. Not only children and young people learn here, but also students of teacher training programmes as well as teachers and school researchers. The school is open to teachers and students of teacher training colleges and thus facilitates research-based learning and the linking of theory and practice. It also develops new ways of teaching and school development. The latter has an essential and very special share in the school's activities.

Logo MS Telfes. Auf weißem Hintergrund sind Pinselstriche in verschiedenen Farben zu sehen, die ein schiefes, nach rechts offenes

NMS Hötting West

 The Neue Mittelschule Hötting West stands for ...

TIME... taking time when it is needed
PERSONALITY ... valuing the individual
CATCHING... and not giving up
TALENTS ... perceive and strengthen them
DIVERSITY ... accept and appreciate

Logo MS Telfes. Auf weißem Hintergrund sind Pinselstriche in verschiedenen Farben zu sehen, die ein schiefes, nach rechts offenes

MS Telfs

The Dr.-Aloys-Weissenbach Mittelschule has modern equipment and offers an attractive educational programme through its focus areas. With its focus on technical and foreign language subjects, learners can discover their talents.

Logo MS Zirl. Auf weißem Hintergrund ist im Zentrum ein Blume zu sehen, um der Menschen in einem Kreis stehen und sich an den Händen halten. Darunter ist die Schrift

MS Zirl

The Neue Mittelschule Zirl earned the title "School with a Future" with its commitment in 2003. Subsequently, the school was accepted into the ÖKOLOG network and was the only secondary school in Tyrol to be awarded the eco-label twice.

Logo des Akademischen Gymnasium Innsbruck. Auf weißem Hintergrund ist in schwarzer Schrift

Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck

The Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck is deeply rooted in the Tyrolean educational landscape, having been founded over 450 years ago. In the "International School" educational programme, students learn subject matter bilingually, while independent work and personal responsibility are encouraged in the "Network" classes. The UNESCO orientation also offers the opportunity to learn in an open, interdisciplinary educational environment characterised by international cooperation.

Logo HTL Kramsach. Auf weißem Hintergrund ist in oranger Schrift

BORG Fallmerayerstraße

The BORG Innsbruck is the largest public upper secondary school in western Austria. The school offers a wide range of educational specialisations, including foreign languages, human biology, nature and technology as well as art and theory. In addition, the Sportborg for competitive athletes and the Musikgymnasium for musical young people offer an attractive focus.

Logo HTL Kramsach. Auf weißem Hintergrund ist die schwarze Schrift

HTL Kramsach

The HTL-Kramsach branch Chemical Industrial Engineering is a young school that has been offering students interested in science a sound chemical education in theory and practice for 10 years. In modern laboratories and in the context of practical training, the students acquire the necessary skills for a successful career in chemical companies. Project-oriented learning in theory and laboratory lessons as well as with extracurricular partners are an important pillar of the 5-year education.

Logo des Bundesgymnasium / Bundesrealgymnasium Innsbruck Sillgasse. Auf weißem Hintergrund ist in schwarzer Schrift oben

BG/BRG Sillgasse

At the Bundesgymnasium and Bundesrealgymnasium Sillgasse, the students benefit from a brand new school building and accordingly from the most modern infrastructure and spatial freedom. The BG/BRG Sillgasse is the only higher secondary school in western Austria to offer a musical-creative arts focus. The school also focuses on the individualisation of learning, as well as health, insofar as it was awarded the "Healthy School" seal of quality in 2022.