Media, Inclusion and AI Space

Infrastructure for educational innovations with a focus on the environment and sustainability, as well as extracurricular learning spaces, such as university gardens, Obergurgl and business partners.

Short Description

The "Media, Inclusion & AI Space" explores inclusion, accessibility, assistive technologies, inclusive artificial intelligence, diversity and heterogeneity as well as media and technoculture. For these focal points, 4 innovation labs are available at UIBK and PHT. Based on the interdisciplinary cooperation of the fields of media culture, media education, media education, languages, cultural and linguistic diversity, informatics education and media art, cross-school subject areas are worked on, which include both familiar forms of project teaching and innovative forms of playful design and creative linking of formal and informal learning contexts. The concrete projects are about understanding future-relevant technologies and "emerging media" in their medial, communicative, cultural, social and societal dimensions, as well as testing out creative spaces and exploring their factual and potential effects.

Innovation projects