The INNALP Education Hub joint project

The INNALP Education Hub aims to build a network that develops new teaching and learning concepts. The resources of the region are bundled and research infrastructure is built up in order to systematically test and scientifically accompany educational innovations with students. The core claim is to combine the best of analogue and digital teaching-learning offers in order to develop evidence-based, adequate and improved educational concepts for all school levels. The project is characterised by a strong student orientation, which is ensured through cooperation with schools and the testing of innovations by students. The teaching and learning offers researched in the project's laboratories should ultimately benefit both students and teachers after they have been evaluated and optimised, insofar as they will be used Tyrol-wide and at a later date also nationwide.

Organisation chart

Resourcen bündeln und nachhaltiger nutzen
gemeinsam forschen, entwickeln & anwenden
stellen modernste Bildungstechnologien zur Verfügung
bearbeiten aktuelle Fragen zum Thema Bildungsvermittlung
das Beste aus analogen und digitalen Lehr-Lernangeboten nutzbar machen
Schüler:innen, Lehrer:innen und Forscher:innen arbeiten gemeinsam
bieten Unterstützung, externe Lehr- und Lernorte sowie Qualitätskontrolle

Innovation without quality assurance reduces the sustainable broad impact

many "innovative" teaching and learning offers do not reach the target group(s) without scientific evaluation and quality assurance
often there is a lack of evidence in relation to the whether and why these innovations contribute to an improvement in educational provision
evidence is often lacking as to whether and why these innovations contribute to an improvement in educational provision

Partner institutions expand the range of services and innovative strength

Bild mit verschiedenen Icons die aus einem Lautsprecher kommen. Darunter: Glühbirne, Sprechblase, Smartphone, Briefumschlag, Internetsymbol, Telefonhöhrer. Picture with different icons coming out of a loudspeaker. Among them: Light bulb, speech bubble, smartphone, envelope, internet icon, telephone receiver.

Partners at eye level develop & test together

  • Research institution
  • Schools of all levels (needs assessment: 13/24 schools would like to become partner schools)
  • Training Companies and Industry
  • NGOs
  • Universities of applied sciences and teacher training colleges
  • University of Innsbruck