The research project explores the potential of digital learning and teaching in primary ELT. Based on the SAMR-Model, it investigates in how far digital technology and devices can substitute, augment, modify and redesign traditional teaching  scenarios. Research questions include: What is the potential of  digital technology to foster communicative competences? How can analogue teaching be enhanced and transformed by the use of digital technology? Which methods are beneficial in digital learning and teaching scenarios?

Involved school partner

Praxis primary school Innsbruck (PHT)

Running Time

2022 - 2026

Devices used

Greenwall, video cameras, action cams, microphones, audio recorders, VR goggles, BeeBots, TopToi pens

Key technologies

Smartboard; Video equipment (microphone, video camera, greenwall); VR googles; Audio recorders; BeeBots

Used innovation labs

transdisciplinary use