What is the best way to support children in primary school to learn to write by hand? How can teachers specifically promote handwriting in the classroom? In the course of digitization, these questions are more topical than ever. At the moment, teachers can only rate the finished writing product, i.e. the letter shapes and the legibility of the writing. Very little is visible of the actual, highly complex process of writing. Our project tries to fill this gap by doing research with a digital pen in school classes.

Involved school partner

Praxisvolksschule (PH Tirol)

Running Time

from 2022

Devices used

Digital pens, tablets

Used innovation labs


With our Miracle pen lab, we would like to create a possibility for teachers to directly record the writing skills of students at class level. The aim is to create a space that makes it possible to record handwriting in more detail using a digital medium and to provide more targeted support