In online environments, authentic listening for language learners increasingly means being able to pause, rewind or replay audio recordings as needed. However, traditional listening tests in the classroom and also in contexts such as the matriculation examination are entirely teacher-directed.

However, with the possibilities of digital test administration, the innovative approach of giving teachers control over listening input could improve the accuracy of measuring oral language comprehension, and make it more inclusive and fair, especially for learners with learning difficulties.

The project will use eye-tracking, galvanic skin response and stimulated recall to investigate the influence of self-control on test anxiety and listening and test-taking strategies in learners.


Involved school partner

Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck

BORG Innsbruck

BG Sillgasse

HL West

Running Time

N. N.

Involved researcher

Mag. Benjamin Kremmel, MA PhD

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Devices used

Eyetracking, Galvanic Skin Response

Key technologies


Used innovation labs

Eyetracking/Biosensorics Lab